Triple Thick Glaze - Spray-on Top Coat

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R 129.00

Triple Thick Glaze is a protective coating that gives a glass-like finish. It provides a protective topcoat that applies thicker than other clear coatings. Great for wood, metal, wicker, plastic, glass, plaster and paper. Can be applied for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Oil based formula, provides a thick and glossy protective topcoat for art and craft projects
  • Spray any angle and comfort tip for easy application
  • Dries to touch in 5, to handle in 20 and fully dry in 24 hours
  • Coverage up to 10 sq. ft. to 20 sq. ft.
  • Tapered brush in the cap makes it quick and easy to touch up small nicks and scratches
  • Gloss sheen
  • Cleans up with lacquer thinner


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