Granny B's Waxing Cream 300ml

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Waxing Cream

Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint

R 185.00
R 185.00

What Makes Our Waxing Cream So Special?

  • Virtually Odour Free
  • Kiddy-safe
  • Fully cures (hardens)
  • Suitable for areas with high moisture content and UV protection
  • Water Based
  • Tintable with any of Granny B's Famous Colours



Our Waxing Cream is tintable, odourless, solvent-free and is water based !

Apply the Waxing Cream as a final step to perfectly seal and protect your completed project. There is no need to reapply at a later stage as our product fully cures !

Once cured, your completed project will be able to withstand moisture and is even suited to outdoor use. 

Once you have completed your project, allow the paint to dry for 2-3 hours and gently apply the Waxing Cream using a lint free cloth.

Work in small sections until you have applied the Waxing Cream to the entire piece.

You can add an additional tinted layer if you like by tinting the Waxing Cream with any of our Old Fashioned Paint colours.

 Allow to fully cure for 8 hours.

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