#PaintingContest Entries Now Open!
We’re ecstatic to bring you this year’s Painting Contest, and even more excited by our new format, unbelievable sponsors, amazing brand ambassadors and super-talented Fans!


What’s even more special is we’ve partnered with the leader in DIY crafting / maker systems Cricut.

Cricut has made available amazing prizes for this contest including some of their most sought after machines!

That’s right, Cricut is giving away 2 machines each month, one each to our respective ('Craft Like a Queen, and Revamp Like a Champ) category winners each month. As usual we've got loads of prizes from Granny B's and our suppliers for each of the top 3 winners in each category. 

Entries are open from 1 April to 30 June 2022
We’re running three monthly ‘seasons’ where we will choose winners from both categories each month.
There are two categories you can enter, one for our Crafters and the other for our Furniture Artists. Feel free to enter one or both as often as you like! 

Crafting Category …. ‘Craft like a Queen…or a King!’
This one’s for our crafters, creating beautiful craft projects and small decor items. Obviously showing off your talent using Granny B’s products, but feel free to include elements using your own stencils, Cricut machine, decoupage etc 

Furniture and large items…. ‘Revamp like a Champ’
Show off your furniture flipping skills!
Any furniture item larger than  standard stool, and includes elements such as doors, feature walls etc. Once again we’re looking to see how you have used your Granny B’s products in conjunction with your favourite paint techniques. Feel free to incorporate your own choice of stencils, anything you have made using your Cricut machine, decoupage, embellishments etc. 

Remember, we’re running 3 seasons i.e a winner will be chosen at the end of each month until the end of June for each category. In other words; winners for the Craft like a Queen or King as well as Revamp like a Champ category each month! 

You can start placing your entries on our Facebook Group:

Granny B’s Painting Studio
👉🏼  https://www.facebook.com/groups/GBpaintstudio/ 
VERY NB: Your entry must contain the following hashtag to be considered an entry for the crafting category: #CraftLikeAQueen for the furniture category: #RevampLikeAchamp 


  • At the end of each ‘season’ / month a list of the Top 10 entries from each category will be chosen based on the number of positive Facebook reactions (Like, Happy, Love, Care) received on your ORIGINAL post and not the post in the 'Album' section of the Facebook Group - the album is merely used a check for all entrants to confirm that their entries have been accepted as official entries
  • Our panel of judges (TBA):  will select their Top 3 winners in each category and the winners will be announced via the Facebook Group as well as social media within 5 working days of the new month
  • Points will be awarded based on the overall impact of the project, but will be influenced by detail provided around the products used as well as the incorporation of as many Granny B’s products as possible
  • Bonus points are added for using products supplied by our sponsors: Cricut, Prima and those that are still coming on board during each separate season 


  • All entries must be posted on our Granny B’s Painting Studio Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GBpaintstudio/
  • Your entry must contain the following hashtag to be considered an entry for the crafting category:#CraftLikeAQueen for the furniture category: #RevampLikeAchamp
  • This competition is OPEN to Everyone: Fans, Family, Suppliers, Stockists.... if you paint with Granny B's then this is the competition for you!
  • Entries for each season must be submitted by midnight on the respective month, and winners for each category will be announced within 5 working days of the new month
  • Enter as often as you like in one or both categories – specific projects can only be entered once, i.e. you cannot enter the same items for subsequent seasons
  • Only Granny B’s Paints, Sealers, Glazes, Waxes etc. may be used, however you are free to make use of your own choice of add-on products like stencils, embellishments, decoupage etc.
  • Each entry must detail the Granny B’s products used e.g. colours, sealer, glaze, wax as well as any other info around the other Granny B's products you have incorporated

We wish all entrants ‘crafting and creating’ success and can’t wait to see what you’ll be sharing with us this year! 

If you have any queries or questions, please drop us an email via info@grannyb.co.za 

 In order to get the most of of engaging with this event, we ask that you follow the social media platforms of Granny B's as well as Cricut, especially the Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages as well as Instagram accounts. 

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