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R 77.00

Our Basic Repeat Stencil Collection was developed with you in mind.

Nothing stops you from adding amazing detail and interest to your next project, using our amazing basic texture repeat stencils.

Try a different texture per drawer on your next furniture project, try them on walls, floors, decor, in fact anything you can imagine.

Creating with Stencil Town is so easy (and so much fun!)


Tips For A Perfectly Stenciled Image , Every Time !

Stenciling is so much fun and could not be easier to accomplish that perfect finish !

We sell a variety of stencils which suit so many applications. Try our larger stencils on walls, floors, furniture or even on fabric.

  • You’ll need some basic materials such as paint and a few hardware supplies such as masking tape, a brush and your choice of paint, all of which are available to purchase on our site.
  • Determine where you would like the image and affix the stencil to the surface with masking tape and(or) low tack craft adhesive.
  • Get ready to paint. A common mistake is to overload the paintbrush or foam brush with too much paint, just use a small amount to begin with and blot off the excess on a paper towel.
  • Gently dab the image or gently go over the design with a foam roller, until you complete the image.
  • If you are using chalk-paint, then the surface should be dry to the touch after about 10 minutes.
  • Gently remove the tape and stencil, and voila !

Invite your friends over for some tea, so that too can enjoy your new creation!

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