Embellishment - DSHF001

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Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint

R 60.00
R 60.00

Our decorative moldings are hand-made in South Africa using the finest poly-resin formula to ensure resilience.

SIZE OF MOLDING: 270mm x 65mm 

They are so easy to apply:

  • Determine the molding of your choice and please take note of the measurements to ensure that it will be suitable for the planned area of your furniture / decor piece.
  • Affix prior to painting using a good quality adhesive. We recommend the syringe type resin polymer adhesives as once set, it is almost impossible to break the bond.
  • If you need to manipulate the mold to fit a uneven surface, soak the mold in hot water that has just boiled from the kettle for about 2-3 minutes (Longer for larger pieces)
  • Please be gentle with molds as bending it too suddenly will cause the mold to break.
  • Apply your adhesive and gently maneuver the mold until it fits flush with the surface.
  • Once set, you can paint over in the technique of your choice.

(Images displayed are for reference purposes only, our stock is delivered plain white and not glazed)

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