Gilder's Paste - Pappa G's - Sandalwood

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R 59.00

Gilder's Paste

Use our range of Pappa G's Gilder's Pastes to add that special touch to your already magnificent project. 

Use your fingers or a lint free cloth to apply small amounts of Gilder's Paste to edges, embellishments, relief features or play around with shading techniques to create a truly unique effect.

Gilder's Paste will fully cure within 24 hours, if you have made a mistake and want to remove the paste do so within an hour of application, using a cloth and mineral turpentine. We recommend applying Gilder's paste after you have sealed your project in case there is a reaction between the oils in the Gilder's Paste and water-based sealers.

If your past has dried out simply add a small amount of mineral turps to the paste and mix in well....and as if magic it will be as good as new.

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