Pattern Roller Frame - includes frame, handle and foam roller

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Pattern Roller Set

Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint


The Pattern Roller Frame Set includes:

  • Handle frame
  • Foam paint loader

Choose additional rollers based on our current range, but hurry as these products move quickly!

Easy to use, place some Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint into a normal paint tray, load the foam roller (leave the pattern roller aside whilst you load) and off-load excess paint onto the tray's 'ramp'. Insert your pattern roller into the frame ensuring good contact between paint loader and the pattern roller...and off you go.

This product is intended for use with water-based products, and it is suggested that you immediately clean the loader and patter as soon as you are done. Use a warm solution of dishwashing liquid and water, rinse the components well, and allow to dry before the next run.

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