Protea - Silkscreen Stencil by Val du Charron

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Protea -  Silkscreen Art Stencil by Val du Charron

Size A4

You may be familiar with the work of Magriet Kruger... who just happens to be a South African household name and the name behind Val du Charron Art, her artworks adorns the walls or many a home, can be found on decorative items, clothing, fabrics and so much more.

Our new silkscreen stencils created in conjunction with Val du Charron give you crisp, clean lines, with no stencil bridges, easy to use and a fantastic new platform to get really creative by playing with multi-coloured blends, mixing and matching design elements between stencils. 

These stencils are super flexible, and can be used stencil just about any surface.

This collaboration brings to you her exclusive designs in the form of an exclusive range of stencils, each designed by Magriet, enabling you to recreate and personalise these works of art by adding your own artistic flair.

These silkscreen stencil will remain reusable, provided that you care for them. Never allow paint to dry on your stencil, soak in warm soapy water immediately after use, and be sure use a soft brush to dislodge any particles from the stencil screen.

For instructions follow the link below for a quick tutorial:

or follow these easy steps:

1) Position your stencil on your project - face-up

2) Tape your stencil in place using masking tape on just one side

3) Dip an old credit card's edge into a saucer of Granny B's Paint

3) Gently spread the paint over the surface of the stencil in one smooth motion

4) Do not go back and forth over the surface, work in only one direction

5) Gently lift the un-taped side of the stencil

6) You should have a picture perfect design

7) Immediately clean your stencil in warm soapy water, and use a soft brush to gently dislodge any paint particles from the stencil screen

8) Never let the paint dry on the stencil!


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