Sticky Stencil Round Design
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Oh My, How Stunning !

What a fun stencil to play around with.

Stencil dimensions: 42cm x 60cm (A2)

All we know is that this sticky stencil will look great just about anywhere!

Tips for stencilling:

  • Stencils are a fun and exciting way for you to express your creativity. They're so easy to use provided they are applied correctly.
  • Using Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint, just about any surface is fair game. Try stencilling on walls, cupboards, even fabric!
  • Make sure that the surface is dry.
  • Stick the stencil to your surface.
  • Dab a bit of paint on scrap material or a paper plate.
  • Using a dry brush, apply a bit of paint and brush off excess.
  • For a clean image, hardly any paint should be on the brush.
  • Slowly brush over edges of stencil, pressing slightly harder in more detailed areas.
  • Keep applying paint gradually until the stencil image has been painted, try to keep the application of paint consistent throughout.
  • If paint bleeds under the stencil, then too much paint has been used.
  • Remove stencil carefully immediately after use.
  • To clean - wipe the stencil with a damp cloth after use or you can wash the stencil by sticking it onto a bathtub or sink and carefully wash paint off with luke warm water.  Dab dry with a cloth and let it try face down in order to reapply to the white backing. 
  • Ensure to reapply to the correct side (shiny) of the white backing.

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