Beautiful Revamped Farm Cabinet

This cabinet was an old cabinet that was lying around the house.

Having discovered Granny B's Paint we decided to give it a new lease on life.

Some of the varnish was coming off in certain areas, which is perfect as we wanted us a piece with character. No prior preparation or sanding was done.

We just gave the piece a quick wipe with a damp cloth in order to remove any dust that may have accumulated.

Next we applied 2 coats of Tropical Cocktail Blue (We just love this colour). 1 coat is also ok if you want a slightly washed out look with a bit more grain showing through.

We then added our second colour, Buttercream to provide a nice natural contrast. We also added some splashes of this colour onto the inner frames so that when we distress later on some of this colour will come through and appear more naturally weathered.

(It's up to you entirely what you want on the base coat for distressing techniques, have fun and experiment).

Once both colours were dry, we added a final coat of Tropical Cocktail to the inner door frames and allowed to dry for 30mins.

Then before adding our stencil as the finishing touch, we applied naturally looking wear in strategic places to make the piece look more distressed. Like a proper farm cabinet should be ;-)

As a final step we added a stencil of a postage mark to finish the look.

It was then sealed with Granny B's Finishing Lacquer Matt Flat as we felt a more matt finish suited this project. Although a Matt Satin would have worked just as well (A wee bit more glossy). Both Finishing Lacquers are designed to enhance and protect paintwork.

We simply love this cabinet's new look !

The entire project took us about a day to complete but we had such fun doing it.

We hope you will be inspired to try your own project, if you have any questions about the technique used please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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