I Am A Beginner, How Easy Is It To Use Granny B's ?

Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint is not like any other paint that you have used before. It has excellent adhesion properties so there is no need to sand or prime the piece you wish to paint before hand in most cases. Where you are painting a very old piece which has been oiled over the years, you may need to prep for bleeding.

Bleeding is when the tannin and natural resins in dark wood, or the dyes within the stains used on the surface are activate by a fresh-coat of paint and manifest themselves as brown or yellow streaks on the surface of your freshly painted item, quite often presenting themselves after sealing. When painting a very dark item which may have been oiled; clean well with spirits (meths) and a rag, and then lay down tow thick coats of our Armour (an hour between coats). Allow to dry for 12 hours and then paint as needed, leaving your final coat of paint o dry for 12 hours before sealing.

In extreme cases we recommend a high quality primer like Zinsser 123 Bulls-Eye 


Is Granny B's a Chalk Paint?

Yes, Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint will dry to a matt, chalky finish. It is also low in VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), is completely LEAD FREE and thus is kid safe.

It dries to the touch within 15mins and subsequent coats can then be applied.

Distressing features are extremely easy to apply using a light sanding (using either a high grit paper or steel wool).

For some added nostalgia and whimsy try using a stencil with a contrasting colour.

What Surfaces Can I Paint On?

Because of Granny B's exceptional adhesion properties it can be applied to almost any surface such as ceramics, enamel, melamine, furniture, décor items, glass, Perspex, plastic, metal, even fabric (yes even fabric !).

I've Noticed That The Finish Is Porous, Do I Need To Seal My Work?

Due to the nature of our product, it does dry to a shabby country/vintage look and it may seem to be quite a porous finish. It is not necessary to seal the paintwork if this is the finish you are after.

However, because it is porous, in a high traffic area (Such as a dining room table) it is likely to pick up stains and marks. 

We offer a Finishing Lacquer in the range which is available in two finishes, Matt Satin and Matt Flat which will seal and protect your paintwork. Our Finishing Lacquer dries to the touch within 30mins but we recommend allowing 4 hours between coats. This product will fully cure within 72 hours.

Can I Mix Colours ?

Absolutely Yes, it is really easy to mix colours. In fact we encourage it, the idea is to have fun !

Why not post your colour recipe on our facebook site and share with the rest of the community? We will publish the best one's on our site and who knows, you may even win a freebie for your efforts ;-)

Which Brushes Are Recommended?

We recommend a high quality brush with synthetic fibres. A good brush is worth the investment, It's also guaranteed not to lose fibres, does not retain water and has excellent paint release. Watch out for the exclusive range of Granny B's own brushes.