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Granny B's prides itself on ensuring that all of the sealers and finishing products that we produce are completely water based, kiddy-safe and 100% solvent free.

We offer liquid sealers; Classic Seal (gloss) and Armour (gloss and matte).

For more traditional and vintage finishes, we offer a  Waxing Cream (satin), which is the only water-based wax, that fully cures, and is heat resistant and contains no harmful solvents. We'e even created a Black Magic Waxing Cream based on the same platform as our Waxing Cream, but offers you the ability to add instant patina, and aged effect to your projects.

All are used to protect and seal your completed project. 

We offer decorative options such as glazes as well as wood-stains

Our Classic Seal Woodstains offer you the beauty of staining your raw wooden items, without the hassle and risk of solvent based products. These stains are self-sealing, so no need to seal once applied. The stains are weather resistant and kiddy safe.

Granny B's Scumble is a firm favourite for lovers of faux-finishes and furniture painters who love to mix-up their own glazes using this product and our Old Fashioned Paints

We are proud to bring you the highest quality ready-mix Antique Glaze in the form of Rustoleum decorative glaze available in Smoke and Aged Glaze.