Metallic Paint Colour Technique

How stunning is this cabinet which was refurbished using a two tone colour technique using Old Fashioned Paint and our Metallic Paint?

Posted by a customer, the base tone was Dove Grey and the final layer was Charcoal Shadow.


This look is so easy to achieve.

Step 1:

Apply two coats of the base colour, in this case Dove Grey was used (This is the darkest colour on our palette and is almost black).

Step 2:

Pour a cup of tea and enjoy ;-)

Step 3:

Apply the final layer, using the Metallic paint, Charcoal Shadow in this case.

Allow to dry.

Step 4:

Lightly distress using a medium grit paper, take your time to apply gentle distressing. You can be as creative as you like, start off slowly as you can always go back and apply further distressing if required.

If you make a mistake don't worry, our paint is so forgiving ! Simply buff lightly to get the surface as smooth as possible and start again.

Step 5:

Invite your friends over to admire your clever skills after you have achieved this beautiful furniture makeover !

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