Cracked Paint effect with Crackle

Cracked Paint effect with Crackle

First, you will need your choice of Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint,  2 or 3 brushes, and Granny B’s Crackle.

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You can choose any shade of paint that contrasts with the base coat color. For example, if you want to create a cracked look on a white surface, you can use black or dark gray paint as your base or vice versa. It works so well with a Liquid Metal base colour for a stunning decor effect.

- Apply your base coat of paint evenly over the surface you want to crackle.. Let the paint dry completely before applying the next step

- Apply the Crackle over the base coat of paint using a clean brush. Being careful not to apply too much pressure and applying strokes in a single direction I.e no back and forth strokes      
- For larger cracks, apply a thicker layer of Crackle Glaze and for smaller cracks, apply a thinner layer.

- Apply your top layer of Old Fashioned Paint once the Crackle is touch-dry. To create square cracks, apply your top coat of paint in a perpendicular angle to direction or against the direction of the strokes you applied the Crackle layer with, for straight cracks use a parallel application going with the direction of the strokes you applied the Crackle with.

Cracks will start to appear within a few minutes. Allow the process to continue until the paint is dry. Seal with any of Granny B’s Liquid Sealers

I hope this tutorial was helpful and fun for you. If you want to see our Granny B's Crackle Glaze video just visit our YouTube channel

Have fun cracking! 😊


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