Polka.Paint vs. Chalkpaint: Unveiling the Distinctions

Polka.Paint vs. Chalkpaint: Unveiling the Distinctions

1. Polka.Paint: The New Generation Decor Paint

What is Polka.Paint?

Polka.Paint is the fresh face in the world of decor paints. It caters to everyone—from professional furniture refinishers to novices, hobbyists, and crafters. But what sets it apart? Let’s dive in!

1.1 Matte Finish with Self-Leveling Magic

Polka.Paint boasts a water-based, matte finish that exudes elegance. Imagine velvet for your furniture! But here’s the twist: it’s not chalkpaint. Polka.Paint’s extra-fine particles and enhanced ‘flow’ ensure a flat, even finish with minimal brush-stroke marks. It glides like silk!

1.2 Pigment Powerhouse

Say goodbye to endless coats! Polka.Paint packs a higher concentration of pigment, resulting in solid, vibrant color coverage across your finished surface. Fewer coats mean less effort and more wow factor.

1.3 Stretching the Limits

Polka.Paint doesn’t shy away—it stretches further than most chalk paints. With up to 14 square meters per liter, you’ll be amazed at how far it goes. More paint, less fuss!

1.4 Versatility Galore

From wood to painted surfaces, glass, steel, plastic, melamine, and even fabric—Polka.Paint adheres beautifully. It’s your go-to for diverse projects.

1.5 Seal the Deal with Polka.Seal

While Polka.Paint doesn’t need sealing for general indoor decorative use, we’ve got you covered. Introducing Polka.Seal—a high-flowing, tough-wearing protective coating compatible with almost all water-based paints. It’s the cherry on top!

2. Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paint (Chalkpaint)

2.1 The Tried and True Artisan’s Choice

Our beloved Old Fashioned Paint (chalkpaint) isn’t going anywhere. It caters to true artisans, furniture artists, and crafters who crave versatility. Need a paint that adheres to any surface? Check. Want a rich, textured finish? Double-check.

2.2 Specialist Techniques and Textured Magic

Chalkpaint delivers a consistent matte appearance, perfect for reviving outdated furniture, metallic accents, and fabrics. While it doesn’t self-distress as readily as milk paint, you can manually sand it for that soft, distressed charm.

2.3 A Harmonious Pair

Polka.Paint and Old Fashioned Paint complement each other. Polka.Paint brings modern flair, while Old Fashioned Paint remains the timeless choice for those intricate, artistic endeavors.

3. The Color Palette

Polka.Paint launches with 15 popular colors that harmonize with our existing Old Fashioned Paint range of over 60 million existing colours.

Expect on-trend shades that excite both new and loyal fans.

Where to Find Polka.Paint? Visit participating stockists or explore our online store at Granny B’s.

Remember, whether you’re a Polka.Paint enthusiast or a chalkpaint aficionado, Granny B’s has you covered. Happy painting! 🎨🪑

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