The Top Interior Colours for 2024: Earthy, Warm and Luxurious

The Top Interior Colours for 2024: Earthy, Warm and Luxurious

If you're looking for some inspiration to refresh your home in the new year, you might want to check out the latest interior colour trends for 2024. According to experts and designers, the upcoming year will see a shift towards earthy tones, warm neutrals, and luxurious textures that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Here are some of the top interior colours for 2024 and how to use them in your home.

Sage Green

Green has been a dominant colour in interior design for the past few years, and it's not going anywhere in 2024. However, the shade of green that will be most popular is sage, a soft and soothing hue that evokes nature and tranquility. Sage green works well with natural materials, such as wood, stone, and rattan, and can be paired with other earthy colours, such as terracotta, mustard, and chocolate brown. Sage green is also a versatile colour that can be used in any room, from the living room to the bedroom, and can create a calming and relaxing mood.

Chocolate Brown

Another earthy colour that will be trending in 2024 is chocolate brown, a rich and decadent hue that adds warmth and depth to any space. Chocolate brown can be used as a statement colour on walls, furniture, or accessories, or as a subtle accent to complement other colours. Chocolate brown can create a cozy and sophisticated look when paired with cream, beige, or gold, or a more dramatic and contrasted look when paired with white, black, or turquoise. Chocolate brown is also a great colour for adding texture and dimension to your home, as it can highlight the natural grains and patterns of wood, leather, or velvet.

Robin's Egg Blue

If you're looking for a pop of colour in 2024, you might want to consider robin's egg blue, a fresh and cheerful hue that will brighten up any space. Robin's egg blue is a light and airy shade of blue that can create a sense of openness and freshness in your home. It can also add a touch of whimsy and charm to your decor, as it reminds of the sky, the sea, and the spring. Robin's egg blue can be used as a main colour on walls, curtains, or rugs, or as an accent colour on pillows, lamps, or vases. It can also be mixed and matched with other shades of blue, such as cobalt or navy, or with other colours, such as yellow, pink, or coral.


Limewash is not exactly a colour, but rather a finish that can transform the look and feel of your walls. Limewash is a type of paint that is made from natural lime and water, and that creates a soft and chalky effect on the surface. Limewash can add texture and character to your walls, as it creates a subtle variation of tones and shades that change with the light. Limewash can also create a rustic and cozy vibe in your home, as it evokes the style of old European cottages and farmhouses. Limewash can be applied in any colour, but the most popular ones for 2024 are white, beige, and grey, as they create a neutral and elegant backdrop for your decor.

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