How far can you stretch 125ml of Granny B's?

Welcome to the #125mlChallenge 

We would like to see just how far you can stretch a single 125ml of Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint. Using your chosen colour of Granny B's paint an item of your choice. Our coverage is amazing, and people have been known to stretch it as far as being able to paint 2 full-size bedside pedestals, a few dining chairs, tables and more. If you have painted your project and you still have paint left, keep going, paint a tray, or ornament... the idea is to see how far you tool 125ml

Competition Rules:

  1. Using a single 125ml Granny B's colour - paint an item or group of items of your choice
  2. Use only the single colour to cover your projects, but you may stencil or dry-brush (within reason) using a second colour
  3. Feel free to apply transfers, stenciling, Embossing Paste, embellishments
  4. Feel free to seal your project with our sealers
  5. You are welcome to technique your project using SCUMBLE, but don't use SCUMBLE as a diluting agent
  6. Entries must be submitted on our Facebook Group: Granny B' Painting Studio or posted on Instagram - always tag @grannybspaint and use the hashtag #125mlchallenge
  7. This competition is open to everyone around the world, and includes stockists, distributors and suppliers
  8. You may enter as many times as you like
  9. Entries close on 30 June 2019


  1. R1000 gift voucher for our online store
  2. R500 Gift Voucher for our online store
  3. Project Pack - Basic

Runner up and spot prizes

  • Granny B's Round Chalkpainter's Brushes
  • Stencils
  • Paints and assorted product

Less than 125ml of GI Jane used to 're-love' this chair