Introducing Granny's Day Discounts

If you're a Granny B's Fan, over 60 and would love a discount created for you, then Granny's Discount Days are especially for you.



What are Granny's Discount Days?

On the 3rd Saturday of every month we are discounting a selection of products especially for you. You would access these products via our online store ( 

You simply shop online, and choose any of the products you love, especially those as part of the advertised special. Once you check out online, using your exclusive discount code, we will discount all of the qualifying products in your cart.


How do I get the exclusive discount code?

To qualify for the exclusive discount code, you need to 60 years or older, and have your shipping address based in South Africa. To access the code simply register via the following link: REGISTER HERE

Once registered you will receive the exclusive code at least 24 hours before the next Granny's Discount Day.


How will I know what the special is each month?

 Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram Pages, make sure you are part of our Facebook Group - Granny B's Painting Studio, and be sure to check your email closer to the Discount Day

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