Country Style Half Moon Table

The marvellous thing about Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint is that you don't need to be a professional to transform just about any piece of furniture into a work of art. Added to that, our paint is extremely forgiving and there is no need to sand or prime beforehand.

Just take a look at how we transformed this Red enamel half moon table into a country chic work of art.

Here's a look at the table before we commenced any work on it.

Step 1) Start with the main colour first. In this case we used Midnight as our main colour and used Mushroom for the detail and both surface tops, we used a new green for the stencilling that we will be launching soon.

In this case, we weren't too concerned about finishing the detailing as this will be covered using Mushroom.

We did however mask using masking tape so that we could get a clean line.

Step 2)

We also masked the drawers once painted, in the below photograph you can see the mushroom being applied. Once the Mushroom was allowed to dry overnight, the masking tape was removed.


Step 3)

Once the Mushroom was allowed to dry overnight, we could start the stencilling.

We used a new colour which we will be launching soon, it's an olive green which was missing from the range.

Stencilling is quite an easy process, the trick is to ensure that your brush is almost dry when it is applied, a paper towel can be used to get rid of excess paint. Too much paint and the paint will bleed beneath the stencil. If you make a mistake, simply allow to dry  buff and start again.

In the image below, a stippling technique is used to apply the colour to the stencil, the stencil has also been affixed using masking tape to keep it in position.

In order to ensure that the stencil design was designed in a symmetrical pattern, we marked out measurements with a ruler. Each new design was applied within these measurements to ensure that everything was in proportion, this takes a little trial and error but the end result is worth it.


 Step 4)

For the side panels, we're going to give you a sneak preview on a product that we recently tested and will be launching soon...

Embossing Paste:

It allows you to add texture by simply applying it over a stencil. The end result is a raised (embossed) design of the stencil and it is so easy to use, we're certain that you will just love it !

Firstly measure out to ensure that the stencil is applied to the centre of the area, once again we used masking tape to help us keep it affixed in the right place.

Embossing paste has the perfect consistency to apply using a stencil, it really holds its shape and dries rock hard. A little cracking a texture is normal. Simply apply a reasonable amount to the end of a paint scraper and using a little bit of pressure, smear over the stencil until the entire design has been covered.




Once you are happy that the design has been correctly applied (i.e. full coverage) simply remove like a plaster. Gently remove the tape whilst holding the design in place, take care for it not to move as it will smear and smudge the design otherwise.

The below image is what you will be left with once the stencil has been removed. It is advised that you wash your stencils immediately to keep them in good nick.

Step 5)

Once the embossing paste has dried, we gave it a light sand to smooth it out slightly.

We then simply painted over it, paint adheres beautifully to the finished product.

Our final completed project, once everything was dry, we applied two coats of our Finishing Lacquer and also replaced the hardware (Knobs).

What a stunning country chic half moon table.

Another look at what the table looked like before Granny B got hold of it :-)


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Please can gou tell me where I can buy the round chalk brush here in Randburg!


@Laura. We are in the process of setting up stockists around the country and are fairly certain that soon there will be a store just around the corner :-)

In the meantime we have sent you details of our stockists in Parkhurst and Randburg and you can also check out our stockists page for more info.

Granny B

@Mary. We have not yet launched this product but it will launch soon within the next 2 weeks. We will keep you posted on all of its exciting uses.

Granny B

Wanted to find out more about the embossing paste. How much does it cost and do you have available?


I live on the west rand !Where can I buy the paint from?


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