Become a Stockist

Great Reasons why you should consider becoming a Granny B stockist:

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Whether you are a member of a retail chain, international distributor, independent store owner, interior designer, crafter, artist or simply starting up your business from home; you'll be pleased to know that Granny B's offers solutions that are tailor-made to suit your business.

In order to qualify as a stockist, a minimum opening order of R5,000 is required. We’ll help you tailor the order to suit your objectives to get you up and running! We deliver the goods to your door with low min order requirements in order to qualify for FREE courier delivery within South Africa
Since 2016 Granny B's has built its reputation on amazing quality , unrivalled service and outstanding value for money. Granny B's is a Proudly South African business which produces its paint, stencils, sealers, glazes, waxes and other decor products.  We also acquired exclusive Agency Rights for products such as Re-Design with Prima & Pappa G's and several other allied product lines. 

We’d love it if you stocked our complete range, but we understand everyone’s business has different needs. Stock the products you choose, there is no exclusive lock-in or hidden T’s & C’s. We love good competition, so if you are already stocking a competing brand we’re very happy to challenge the existing levels of service, quality and value for money that you’ve been forced to settle for. Stock Granny B’s and watch your current supplier start pulling up their socks. We’d love to hear from you, and if you’d like us to chat to you a little more about becoming a Granny B’s Stockist; please complete the Contact Form via the link below. Please allow 48 hours across business days for us to get in touch.
Our product training is FREE, and accessible. We make use of Brand Ambassadors, Sales Representatives, centralised training sessions as well as distance learning solutions to get you geared up and familiar with our products. After sales support is instantaneous via voice, email or even WhatsApp – 7 days a week! There are few other brands where any customer can reach the owners of the business at the touch of a button. We also provide ongoing marketing support through a very active and well supported social media presence across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Our website as well as social media is packed with inspirational ideas created by our fans, product updates and tutorials as well as general updates being pushed out daily. You decide on just how closely you want to work with us, we can chat to one another as often as your like!

Our stockist network stretches across Southern Africa. You will find our network of stockists and distributors in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Botswana. We’ve also shipped project based orders as far and wide as Germany, UK, Australia and the USA. Join this Family of successful stockists and experience the Granny B’s difference for yourself.  

Aside from incredible product quality we absolutely shine in the customer service space. Our sales team is highly accessible, product issues are taken off your hands and we’ll support any client query directly, no matter how complex. You sell the product, we’ll take care of the product support – 7 days a week
To apply to become one of our Stockists, please click this link and we'll be in touch within 24hrs (Mon to Fri).  click here to apply: Stockist Sign-up Form