Latest Furniture Painting Trends 2023

Latest Furniture Painting Trends 2023

Some of the latest trends in furniture paint are:

- Paint pour: This is a technique where different colors of paint are poured over a piece of furniture and allowed to blend and create a unique pattern. This trend is cool, modern, and fun, and can be used on various types of furniture that can be rotated and moved around¹.

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- Navy blue: This is a color that is becoming more popular for painting furniture, especially dressers, drawers, and small tables. Navy blue is a bit bolder than brown, but not too outrageous or bright. It can be paired with gold accents or other colors to add warmth and contrast to a room¹.

- Bright colors: This is a trend for those who love color and want to make a statement with their furniture. Red, yellow, and green are some of the most popular experimental colors for this year. They can be used to paint small pieces of furniture that become the focal point of the room. However, they need to match the décor and the overall style of the space

- Matte finish: This is a trend that gives furniture a smooth, flawless, and elegant look. Matte finish can be achieved with different types of paint, such as chalk paint, milk paint, or spray paint. It can be used on any color, but dark or black matte painted furniture is especially trendy this year

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