Mix custom colours with Granny B's

Mix custom colours with Granny B's

Mix a delft blue!

The great thing about the Granny B Colour Palette, apart from the gorgeous colours, is the fact that the colours, from an artist’s perspective is so pure that you can mix any colour your heart desire. With the 35 colours, you are already spoiled for choice but we often get an enquiry as to how to mix the amazing indigo blue that appears in fine china.

We recently created a display frame for a heirloom china collection and needed that exact blue – so of course we have to share this formula with you!!

We wanted a slightly darker blue, leaning more towards delft than the blue in chinese ginger jars.

Here’s How:

We used Midnight Blue, Blueberry Pie and Purple Reign to mix this blue. (should you want the lighter ginger jar blue then omit the Midnight Blue).


We started with about a teaspoon of midnight blue already in a jar, a tablespoon and a half of Blueberry Pie and a whole 50ml jar of Purple Reign.

We mixed it very thoroughly with an ice-cream stick.


We tested the blue by letting it dry on paper and on the ice-cream stick. The reason for this is that the paint dries slightly darker than the colour it is when it is wet.

Voila! You have a gorgeous Delft Blue.


Here we added some gorgeous raised stenciling using our Embossing Paste and the perfect pattern for our frame.


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