African Ceramic Jars

One of our stockists recently had a client visit the store who liked these ceramic jars but wanted to change the colour to gold.

Remember to use masking material when working. Once again, for this project no prior preparation was applied (i.e. no sanding or priming).

We used Gold Rush which is from the Granny B's Metallic Range. Long strokes even out the colour whilst short strokes add texture to the piece. The medallions were removed while we painted.

Tadaa the final product. Once the metallic paint was dry we applied a coat of Matt Satin Finishing Lacquer to the project in order to seal and protect the paintwork. The entire project took us one evening to complete.

The end product has a slight gold sheen which is enhanced by the gold and bronze medallions we started off with. The client's feedback was that she absolutely loved the finished product.

If you have any questions regarding the technique that was applied please do not hesitate to Chalk to us at


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