Two Tone Technique Picture Frame

The options are endless with 26 colours available in our range.

This stunning picture frame was created using Peach Melba as the first coat and Daisy as the top coat. An easy to apply distressing technique was applied to reveal the first coat that was applied and then the décor item was sealed using Granny B's Finishing Lacquer.

Step 1:

Apply first coat generously and allow to dry. This will form the base coat so that when distressing is applied, this will be the colour that shows through.

Step 2:

Once the first coat is completely dry (approx. 30mins) you can apply wax by rubbing it in strategic areas, this will make it easy to lightly sand later on and reveal the base colour. There is no need to melt wax, simply rub it gently on the corners and the inside frame.Then apply your final coat. In this case we used Daisy (White). We applied 2 coats to ensure that the final coat was completely white and allowed this to dry for approximately 1 hour.

Step 3:

Once the final coat is applied and left to dry it should look something like this. The final distressing technique can be applied once the project has been left to dry for about 2-3 hours (This allows the paint to cure a bit better).

Step 4:

This is an image of the frame once lightly sanded to reveal the base colour.

Final product:

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