Boho Cabinet makeover inspiration - created by Eldaleen Hugo

Boho Cabinet makeover inspiration - created by Eldaleen Hugo

Cabinet makeover as seen in Vrouekeur Jan 2019

Eldaleen Hugo is no stranger to the world of media, decor and just all-round good taste. We're proud to be associated with her unique style of furniture revival, and we just love the makeovers she shares on a regular basis via Vrouekeur magazine.

This cabinet makeover is one of my favourites!

The trick to achieving this look is to get yourself a cabinet, chest of drawers, or similar item that's in decent shape, and the right size for it's intended room.



In this case Eldaleen found the perfect piece with great 'bones' and needed an update. 

To prep, remove the drawers, take off the knobs and remove all the loose paint with a scraper if needed. Give the cabinet a good clean using sugar soap or wipe down with thinners, and let it dry. There is no need to sand or prime.

Begin painting, but be sure to mask-off the side of the drawers that slide into the cabinet, as well as the contact surface inside the cabinet. You don't want to paint these areas as it may cause the drawers to get stuck. It's also a good idea to mark the position of the drawers vs. where they fit into the cabinet so that when you replace them, you put them back in the right slot. Not all drawers are identical.

It's good idea to use this article as inspiration and plan the look you want to achieve in advance, choose your colours, patterns and sketch them out, making sure the theme of each drawer is noted down nextto the drawer number.

Here's the plan Eldaleen used:

As you can see each drawer has a unique number, and the technique, stencil and colour is listed in the chart below:

Once you've perfected the look you are after, you can seal with our brush on sealers, Classic Seal for a sating finish, that's perfect for general household traffic, or use Armour for heavier duty protection that's available in gloss or matte.

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