Dot Art on a Budget

Dot Art on a Budget

Dot-Art on a Budget!


This is the perfect guide to get you started with dot-painting, and not having to make an investment in expensive tools or material.

For your canvas, use any spare flat board, old scratched LP, plates, coasters... anything really, just coat it with a layer or two of Granny B's Black Betty to prepare  your canvas for the masterpiece you are about to create!


Ask anyone who has attended one of our Mandala workshops! It’s the most relaxing thing that you can do with Granny B’s Old Fashioned Paints.

They were initially  drawn by Asia as a form of mindfulness practice or meditation and date from the 4th Century to present. Doing a Dot Art Mandala is a way to tap completely into your right brain and REALLY spark your creativity!

 We like to do our projects with tools that are readily available. We found that for the different size dots from large to smallest the following items commonly available around a crafter's room are simply great:

  1. Glue Sticks
  2. Sharp Pointed Earbuds
  3. Rounded Earbuds
  4. Cocktail Sticks


 Wet wipes work great for cleaning your tools as its not necessary to clean it the way you clean a brush. You just wipe it off!


  1. You start by drawing your grid with four lines to divide your canvas, which has been primed in Black Betty or Dove Grey from Granny B’s.
  2. If your canvas is large, you can also draw concentric circles to guide your design and prevent it from going all wonky.
  3. Once you have chosen your colour scheme – (we do recommend using at least one or two metallics from Granny B’s Liquid Metal range for some extra awesomeness), then you can start with your design,
  4. Depending on the size of your canvas you can first start with an eighth section to map out your design and then complete each concentric circle.
  5. Its Once your first layer of paint is dry you can place dots in dots for a more intricate design.
  6. We prefer Granny B’s because the paint dots dry flat and matte. Should you prefer a more glossy finish you can seal the canvas with 2 coats of Gloss Armour.

There are loads and loads of resources available on the internet through Google, Pinterest and even YouTube, just search with phrases like 'dot art', 'dot mandala', 'dot painting' etc. 

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