How to paint kitchen cabinets

How to paint kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets

We often get asked this question, and our recommendation is always the same:
  1. Remove the cabinet doors, and give a good scrub-down with a solution of water, white vinegar and lemon
  2. Apply 2 base-coats of Granny B's Armour - dry overnight 
  3. Use a foam roller, don't over load it with paint, and lay down a thin base coat, followed by two more coats allowing a drying time of 1 hour between coats - allow the final coat to cure for 8 hours
  4. Seal with our Classic Seal, or Armour (heavy-duty)  2 to 3 coats will give you a fantastic seal and professional finish!
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Good day…

I have and old white kitchen washing basin that is really looking bad. I am new to this so my question may be a bit weird.

Can one paint the basin and use 3 layer of armor and then be able to use the basin again to wash the dishes.

Kind regards


Anton Henning

can one paint over duco cupboards can u phone me on 0828280963 and where can I get paint from christiana northwest thank u so much.

rina coetzee

Is it ok to varnish over gripseal? (Water based)


I would like to become a stockist. I’m in Krugersdorp. I have a shop where we sell Bali Furniture. Please contact me 082 070 4510

fay vermaak


Just wanting a list of your Johannesburg stockists

Warm Regards



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