How to use Gilder's Paste - by Pappa G'

How to use Gilder's Paste - by Pappa G'

Pappa G's - Gilder's Pastes

Our Gilder's Pastes are a richly pigmented wax based medium designed to add subtle or striking effects to your painted project. Originally, gilder's pastes were developed with the intention of creating a faux metallic effect on anything from painted wooden items, metal trim, art works or anything that needed a little shine.

Today these paste options have expanded to include shades that resemble copper patina, slate, or even natural elements such us certain types of wood.

Our range of Pappa G's Gilder's Pastes incorporate all of these options, and you'll find they are of a solid wax consistency that dries especially quickly so that you can carry on with your project and complete it on time.


As an aside; due to the quicker drying properties of the product, they do sometimes dry-out in the container, but that is easily remedied by adding a teaspoon or two or mineral turpentine.


Man-cave bell project

This little project shows how we took a 3D printed plastic bell, painted it with Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint and added some Rich Gold - Pappa G's Gilder's Paste to give it a real aged glory look.


Step 1

Take any object that you'd like to up-cycle, and clean the surface well, you can clean using sugar-soap, or even lacquer thinners and wipe the surface really well. Allow to dry before you paint.
















Step 2

Paint with your choice of Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint. In this case we chose

Dove Grey



Step 3

Once you have painted your item to your liking let the final coat dry for an hour or two. Then grab your Pappa G's Gilder's Paste, here we used Rich Gold

Take a small brush, apply some of your Gilder's Paste to the tip and and lightly brush across the item, repeatedly doing so across the releif features of the item


Since this item is purely decorative and we want to preserve a full matt finish, no sealer is applied. If you do wnat to seal over your Gilder's Paste, allow 72 hours for curing and then seal. Gilder's Paste can also be used on top of sealer.

So having shown you how easy it is to use Granny B's Old Fashioned Paint on almost any surface including plastic, you can take your creative talents a step further by adding special and remarkably effective details to your project using our range of Pappa G's Gilder's Paste. 



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