Makeover for less than R100 - making your paint go further!

Makeover for less than R100 - making your paint go further!

Granny B's goes a loooong way!

In the Chalkpaint you will hear each manufacturer telling you why their paint is so much better than the rest, so you hear a lot of talk and you see a lot of flashy marketing, subject to smoke and mirrors etc. etc.

What we've always done, is let our Fans do the talking for us.

Our 125ml Challenge (which we plan to run each year) put our product to the test.

We knew our Fans would be able to get a lot done with a single 125ml of Granny B's Paint, but by judging some of the entries - even we were shocked!

The rules were simple, choose a colour and paint any items you choose, but you cannot dilute the paint - we want to see just how far the actual users of the product can make ia single 125ml stretch.

We know that even a beginner will beautifully paint an old wooden chair, and to be able 'make-over' a treasured item for less than R100 (inc. paint and sealer) is a great proposition for anyone in this economy.

On average chalkpaint variants offer an average coverage of 10m2; Granny B's offers you an average 14m2 per Litre 

If you have never tried our paint and want to put it to the test for yourself - here's a little discount for you, just head over to our online store, add some paint to your cart, and when you enter the following code at check-out - we'll give you 10% off.

Code: Stretch

Below are some of the winning pics from last year's competition.

For a full set of images and so many more project ideas, please join our group on Facebook, just search for; 'Granny B's Painting Studio' to see what our fans are up to!



Less than 125ml of GI Jane used to 're-love' this chair






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