Revamp Old Furniture using a Paint Sprayer

Revamp Old Furniture using a Paint Sprayer

We revamped an old rocking chair using a Ryobi cordless sprayer together with Polka.Paint’s Tuscan Sun. What a thrill and we did it all during loadshedding.


1. Prepare the rocking chair for painting. If the chair has any oil, wax, or oil-based varnish on it, you will need to clean it with sugar soap, sunlight dish liquid or lacquer thinners. If the chair is made of dark or yellow wood, such as pine, imbuia, or teak, you will need to apply a stain block to prevent the natural tannin or stain from yellowing your paint. We would suggest Granny B’s Block & Tackle.

You can also sand the chair lightly to smooth out any rough edges or imperfections. Fill in any chips or cracks with wood-filler or Embossing Paste from Granny B’s.

2. Choose the right nozzle for your Ryobi cordless sprayer. The sprayer comes with three different nozzles: 1.5 mm, 1.8 mm, and 2.2 mm. The smaller the nozzle, the finer the spray and the less paint you will use. The larger the nozzle, the thicker the spray and the more paint you will use. For Polka Paint, which is a water-based, matte finish paint with extra-fine particles, we recommend using the 1.5 mm nozzle for a smooth and even finish. If needed add water to get your paint to the same consistency as melted ice-cream.

3. Fill the paint cup of your Ryobi cordless sprayer with Polka Paint's Tuscan Sun. To be safe we ran the paint through a sieve, in our case we used an old stocking for the job. This will ensure larger particles are prevented from entering the spraying system.

Tuscan Sun is a warm and vibrant yellow color that will brighten up your rocking chair.

The paint cup has a capacity of 1000 ml, which should way more enough to cover your rocking chair with two coats. We suggest starting out with 250ml paint and diluting with 10% water.

4. Spray the rocking chair with Polka Paint's Tuscan Sun. Make sure you have a well-ventilated and protected area to work in. Hold the sprayer about 20 cm away from the chair and move it in a steady and horizontal motion. Adjust the paint flow control and the spray angle to suit your preference and the shape of the chair.

Apply a thin and even coat of paint over the entire chair, and let it dry for about 45 minutes before applying a second coat if needed.

5. Seal the rocking chair with Polka Seal. This is a matte-satin sealer that will protect your paint from water, UV rays, and life's little knocks. It is especially formulated for Polka Paint and has a high-flowing consistency that will not leave any brush marks. You can use the same Ryobi cordless sprayer to apply the sealer, or you can use a silicone bristle brush. Apply a thin and even coat of sealer over the entire chair, and let it dry for about an hour before using it.

Congratulations, you have successfully painted a second hand rocking chair with Polka Paint's Tuscan Sun using a Ryobi cordless sprayer! Enjoy your new and improved rocking chair and show it off to your friends and family. 😊

For the full video tutorial visit this YouTube link


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