Introducing Polka.Paint

Polka. is the new generation decor paint, for professional furniture refinishers, novices, hobbyists, crafters... in fact it's everyone's paint!

What makes it different? …it’s not chalkpaint!

Polka. is water-based, matte finish paint with extra-fine particles and enhanced 'flow' which means you get the matte finish you love, but with self-levelling capabilities that give you a flat, even finish with fewer brush-stroke marks.

We’ve taken everything you loved about Chalkpaint, and upgraded it into a smoother, easier to apply more versatile application!

In addition to a paint finish that reminds one of velvet, you're getting a higher concentration of pigment, needing fewer coats for coverage, and a solid, even colour across the finished surface.

You'll also find that Polka.Paint stretched further than most chalk paints, giving you up to 14m2 per litre of paint.

With it's higher adhesion capabilities you can paint your favourite surfaces including: Wood, painted & varnished surfaces, glass, steel, plastic, melamine, fabric and more!

Applying Polka. is where we get our catch-phrase "It glides like silk!"

Polka. does not need to be sealed for general indoor decorative applications, but for additional protection from water, UV rays, and life's little knocks we’re proud to bring you our smoothest sealer yet - Polka.Seal; a high flowing, tough-wearing, protective coating compatible with almost all waterbased paints.

Where can I get my hands on Polka. ?

It will be available via participating stockists and shortly after that online via www.grannyb.co.za


Is Polka. replacing the existing range of Granny B's Chalkpaint ?

Definitely not! 

Our Old Fashioned Paint (chalkpaint) range is here to stay, and serves an important part of the market. True artisans, furniture artists and many crafters need a paint that can adhere to almost any surface, can offer the widest range of specialist paint techniques, and deliver a rich textured finish. This is where Old Fashioned Paint comes to the fore!

What colours will you offer in Polka. ?

Initially we will launch with a palette of 15 popular colours that will compliment our existing Old Fashioned Paint range. As far as possible we will avoid duplication, but at the same time work to deliver on-trend colours that will excite new and existing Fans of both Old Fashioned Paint as well as Polka.