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Pappa G's

Chalkpaint Wax - Black

Chalkpaint Wax - Black

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Chalkpaint Wax - Black by Pappa G's

Are you a chalkpainting purist or traditionalist?
Do you love the silky smooth texture of old-school decor wax?
If so, the Pappa G's #ChalkpaintWax is the sealer for you!

Our Black wax creates striking aged or contemporary effects and is most often used over a base of our Clear Wax and in conjunction with Clear Wax in order to create unique paint effects.

Ensure that your item has been well painted, and that your paint has dried as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and sealed with two coats of our Clear Wax. 

Using a lint-free cloth or even the Granny B's chalkpainter's brush, apply your Black Wax in areas that you want to accent with an antique effect. Pay special attentions to carvings, relief elements and over embellishments. 
Work your Black Wax to create an even effect, and tone down any excess Black Wax using your Clear Wax. 

If you would like a more buffed and shiny appearance allow your wax to cure for between 24 to 48 hours, and then buff the surface with a soft lint-free cloth. 

To clean your wax brush, immediately wash it a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap. 

Sealing with our Chalkpaint Wax will protect your project, and can be buffed to a shine of left as is for a slight sheen. Wax is best suited for items which will remain indoors, not be exposed to heat, heavy traffic or cleaning with solvent based cleaning materials.

Our waxes are made from low VOC compounds and the minimal amount of solvent necessary for the application. 
If you are aware of any pre-existing sensitivity or allergies, please use latex gloves during application. Apply the product in a well-ventilated area and ensure that any products which contain any kind of chemical base are not used on surfaces used by babies, toddlers and pets. 
Harmful if ingested. 

We encourage you to experiment with various techniques, and even try tinting the wax with your favourite chalk-paint to create a whole new world of colour options and finishing effects. 


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