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Granny B

Chalkpaint - Tropical Cocktail (Tropical Blue)

Chalkpaint - Tropical Cocktail (Tropical Blue)

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Old Fashioned Paint is the Chalkpaint from Granny B's that's got everyone chalking!

We call our range of chalkpaint, 'Old Fashioned Paint' because of the authentic vintage as well as contemporary effects that can be achieved. 

Our paint is formulated to be low in VOC's, is Lead Free, so it's safe for kids and has excellent adhesion properties !

Little to no sanding is required in order to achieve amazing results when painting over glass, metal, wood, ceramic, enamel, melamine, fabric (yes fabric !) and more!

Our product is so easy to use even if you are just starting out or you're a fully fledged professional.

Once dry, the finish will be a matt, chalk-like finish.

It's great for creating vintage, old fashioned or chalkpaint matt finishes.

You'll notice the most popular brands of true chalk-effect paints maintain a very select palette usually in the region of between 30 and 40 colours. As the beginner progress to more advanced skill levels even further joy is derived by mixing your own unique colours from those in your collection. 

For easy to folow directions when painting the most popular household surfaces, refer to our FREE surface prep guide:


  • Stir the product contents well
  • Decant only the paint you wish to use onto a separate painting tray or container
  • A silicone bristle brush is preferable as there is very little fibre loss.
  • Allow approximately 30mins between coats.
  • It's normal for lighter colours to require more coats than darker colours.
  • To thicken the paint, simply leave a small amount to dry slightly, creating an impasto
  • To thin the product simply add and mix water, add even more water for whitewash/wash techniques
  • The finished product is quite porous and you may want to seal it with our water-based sealers, or range of waxes which will provide a water resistant finish, enhancing the colour of your project.
  • To clean your equipment, simply use warm soapy water.
  • Please remember to seal your paint pots, as air will dry out the product.

Did you know that the first chalkpaints were used hundreds of years ago. Today almost every language has it's own word for chalk, these are some of our favourites: chalk, kalk, kryt, tjhoko, ushoki, creiea, chok - which is your favourite?


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