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Polka.Paint - Lincoln (navy blue)

Polka.Paint - Lincoln (navy blue)

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Polka.Paint is the new generation decor paint, for professional furniture refinishers, novices, hobbyists, crafters... in fact it's everyone's paint!

What makes it different? 
Polka. is water-based, matte finish paint with extra-fine particles and enhanced 'flow' which means you get the matte finish you love, but with self-levelling capabilities that give you a flat, even finish with fewer brush-stroke marks.

In addition to a paint finish that reminds one of velvet, you're getting a higher concentration of pigment, needing fewer coats for coverage, and a solid, even colour across the finished surface.

You'll also find that Polka. stretched further than most paints, giving you up to 14m2 per litre of paint.

With it's higher adhesion capabilities you can paint your favourite surfaces including: Wood, painted & varnished surfaces, glass, steel, plastic, melamine, fabric and more!

Applying Polka. is where we get our catch-phrase "It glides like silk!"

Polka. does not need to be sealed for general indoor decorative applications, but for additional protection from water, UV rays, and life's little knocks, it's advisable to use our especially formulated, high-flowing tough coat satin sealer; Polka.Seal

Our product is easy to work with and does not necessarily require any prior sanding or pre-prep, be sure to clean every surface prior to painting with either sugar soap or lacquer thinners.



In most cases preparation is very little and quite often none is required. The paint is a primer!

There are certain issues which will affect all water-based paints.

The following surfaces will require cleaning, ideally with an eco-friendly paint stripper or brush cleaner:

- Oiled, waxed, or surfaces sealed with oil-based varnish

- Dark or yellow woods like pine, imbuia, teak etc. In these cases, a stain-block is recommended to ensure that the natural tannin or stain does not yellow your paint

- Generally when painting antique pieces, we do recommend cleaning and application of stain-block 


  • Stir the product well.
  • A silicone bristle brush is preferable as there is very little fibre loss.
  • Allow approx 45mins between coats.
  • It's normal for lighter colours to require more coats than darker colours.
  • To thin the product simply add and mix water, this technique is used for whitewash effects.
  • To clean your equipment, simply use warm soapy water.
  • Please remember to seal your paint pots, as air will dry out the product
  • For extra protection against life's knocks, UV rays and to provide water-resistance we suggest sealing with Polka.Seal


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