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Deco-Podge - Decoupage Medium

Deco-Podge - Decoupage Medium

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Deco-Podge - Decoupage Medium 400ML

 Deco-Podge is a water-based decoupage medium of noticeably thicker consistency. It can be ‘thinned’ as desired by diluting with water. It's easier to 'thin-out' a thicker medium, rather than trying to 'thicken-up' a thinner medium!

The product dries within 60min per coat and can painted over if desired. Deco-Podge can be applied to almost any surface with little or no prep, however it is suggested in the case of non-porous or very glossy surfaces that you scuff the surface before applying Deco-Podge in order to promote adhesion.

This is a real ‘swiss-army’ knife product! It’s decoupage medium, sealer, and when cured after 10 days it offers great water resistance now making it possible to decoupage those canvas 'tekkies' with ease,

 As always it’s food-safe, kid-safe and planet friendly



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